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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aluminum Race Seat Manufacturers

If you are in the market for an aluminum race seat for your race car, there are plenty of styles and options, but only a handful of manufacturers.

Ultra Shield, Kirkey, ButlerBuilt, Joie of Seating and Richardson are the predominate fabricators. All 5 build seats for Oval Track Racing. Ultra Shield and Kirkey have a Road Race selection. Ultra Shield and Kirkey have drag race seats for most drag applications. ButlerBuilt has seats for the upper divisions of Drag Racing.

Oval Track Racers have dozens of choices to suit their type of racing and their budget. Ultra Shield and Kirkey offer a standard entry level seat that is well built, but basic. The latest trend is installing a full containment race seat. Ultra Shield and Kirkey also have entry level full containment seats that are very popular and used in just about every short track division from street stock type cars, Legend cars, to full blown late models. All 5 seat builders have a deluxe line of full containment models that are in the one thousand dollar range. Racers in Nascar's national divisions are required to use an SFI tested racing seat that can provide adequate protection on the superspeedways. The SFI seats are extremely expensive, so expect only a few short track racers to use them as they will not be mandated.

Kirkey has a few standard models for Road Race use. Ultra Shield has the largest selection of aluminum Road Race seats, from their Spec Miata and Rally Sport models to a line a full containment Road Race seats. All are very well built and relatively easy to install. These seats are most prevalent in road race cars that retain some semblance of their original factory origins.

Kirkey and Ultra Shield also have aluminum seats for Drag Racing. The seats are designed to support the driver and not interfere with their gear shift techniques.


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