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Monday, January 28, 2013

Snell SAH Race Helmet

Expect to see more helmets with the Snell SAH2010 designation in 2013.
Trying to keep it a simple as possible..........all new helmets made for auto racing are tested by the Snell Foundation, if they pass, they are currently classified into 2 groups, SA2010 or SAH2010. The majority of helmets racers use, fall under SA2010.

The "H" in "SAH", stands for frontal head restraint capability or in our more common terms, head and neck restraint capability. This does NOT mean that the SA2010 helmet is not compatible with head and neck restraints, it certainly IS compatible!.

The "SAH" comes with the threaded backing washer already installed inside the helmet. No other head and neck restraint hardware is included or installed. Main reason for the "SAH" is probably to ensure the racer that the helmet makers were not installing substandard hardware.

Bottom line, the "SAH" helmet may save a few minutes of head and neck restraint installation time, although they (SAH helmets) are slightly more expensive than the standard SA.
All head and neck restraints come with all the needed hardware and most SA2010 helmets are now pre-drilled, so it will be a little more economical to go with that combo.


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