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Friday, February 7, 2014

Alpinestars Auto Race and Kart Gloves

If you don't have access to a local speed shop, that actually has adequate inventory to try on safety equipment, purchasing personal race gear through catalogs or the internet can be a difficult task.
Even though is primarily a mail order/online operation, there are many racers who stop by to get outfitted. Most are looking for maximum protection for minimal expenditure, and we understand and stock the shelves accordingly. We also get to observe the gear impresses our local racers, which enables us to convey this information to our national and international customers.
Without a doubt, the Alpinestars Karting and Auto Race Gloves are getting outstanding feedback. Drivers may purchase the entry level race suit, but once they try on the Alpinestars gloves...well, just got to have them! A drag racer, adamant that he needed SFI-5 gloves and impressed by the lightweight feel, asked, "are you sure these are double layer gloves?" Oval track racers who have previously shunned gloves, are deciding that the Alpinestars are finally the way to go. Sports car racers, who are typically very knowledgeable of premium race gear, are appreciating the relatively affordable price for high quality gloves. Kart racers are going beyond satisfying their "must have gloves" rule, recognizing the superior comfort and design. The Alpinestars Race Gloves may be a few bucks more than the budget brand, but money very well spent in the end.


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