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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Head and Neck Restraints for Kids

A few decades ago, most race car drivers got their start after getting a drivers license. Many more, began their racing careers well into their 20's or 30's. Today, kids are getting a jump start into auto racing as young as 5 years old! Just like the adults, safety is paramount, as we all want to have fun at the track and head back to the house with no injuries. Just like the adults, all the SFI approved manufacturers of Head and Neck Restraints, now make devices specifically to protect the youth racer.

There are exactly 4 choices of Junior Head and Neck Restraints to choose from. None are inexpensive,  but all may be the wisest piece of racing equipment you will buy. It is not money thrown down the drain, as previously used Head and Neck Restraints have no problem recouping 80% of the original costs should you ever need to sell, after purchasing.

HANS Device produces the Sport Super Small model. It is fabricated from a carbon fiber composite material and your junior racer gets the same design as the pro racers wear on Sundays!

Simpson Safety Solutions has 2 models, the Hybrid Pro and the R3 Head and Neck Restraints. Both are sized for the junior racer with the R3 capable of protecting very small racers. Check with an approved distributor to verify the proper piece of equipment for your child.

NecksGen, has just introduced their Junior sized Head and Neck Restraint. Based off of the very popular adult model. It has just received the SFI approval, which means rigid test standards were passed.